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Why Insta?

Maximize your investment

With Insta, which is a web and browser-enabled software, you require no additional licensed softwares for the operating system or database.

Run Insta on the cloud or as on-premise software and be ensured of its reliability, security, and ability to scale to your needs through its multi-center capabilities.


Boost staff collaboration and productivity

Run your core operations seamlessly. Actions like patient registration, billing, insurance claim submissions and reconciliation, clinical documentation, OP-IP EMR or inventory management are made easy with Insta.

You can also easily improve your staff collaboration with integrated access to data and better controls, thereby improving their productivity and leading to better clinical outcomes.


Regulatory compliance

Receive periodic free updates and upgrades as Insta is available as one product across its customer base such as VAT/GST Billing, HMO Capitation management, HAAD/DHA, Waseel/DHS, ICD Coding, etc.


Improve Patient Experience

Send patient reminders and notifications (email/SMS) in local languages and use Insta’s patient portal widget integrated with your establishment’s website/mobile app to allow doctor appointments and access to medical records.


Integration Capabilities

Enable integrations with devices, peripherals, equipment and other third-party applications or an HIE with Insta’s HL7 and API technologies.


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Product Features

A mission critical application that enables you to run your facility with the full suite of the below modules:


Patient Administration:

Appointment Scheduling (Doctor, Test, Service, Surgery, Generic Resource), Patient Registration, ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer), Bed Management/Bed View and Patient Communication.


Revenue Cycle Management:

Cash Credit Billing, Packages, Rate/Discount Management, Credit Notes,Deposits, Claim Submissions, Medical Coding, Claim Reconciliation and Remittance Advice.


Clinical Features:

Outpatient EMR (with configurable form designs to capture SOAP notes, diagnosis and e-Prescriptions), Pending Prescriptions Dashboard, Inpatient EMR (Notes, MAR, Clinical Documentation), OT-EMR and the EMR View of consolidated electronic medical records.



Sales, Procurement, Stock Management (Adjustments, Transfers, Indenting).


Reporting and other add-on modules.

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