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Why is this integration important for healthcare providers?

Malaffi is an innovative, region-first, unified health information exchange platform that facilitates a more patient-centric approach to healthcare provision. Malaffi enables healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals and government authorities across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to access and share patients’ medical information in order to deliver better healthcare quality and enhance patient safety and overall health outcomes.

As mandated by DOH, all healthcare facilities - including clinics, hospitals and home care centers - have to be connected with Malaffi HIE

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  • Seamless Malaffi integration
  • Real time data exchange for patient demographics, diagnostics reports, medications, allergies, problems, diagnoses and EMR digital documentation
  • Inbuilt electronic pre-authorization 
  • End-to-end insurance management

Why Insta

Insta is your one-stop solution for all hospital management system (HMS) related needs. We are spearheading this initiative by being one of the first companies to tie up with Malaffi HIE to help integrate the system. We have a completely secure and compliant hospital management software certified for the integrations by the Malaffi team. Moreover, Insta offers Microsoft Azure cloud hosted solution and we are one of the only players in the region with cloud ready Malaffi connectivity solutions in association with Etisalat.

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