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About the Webinar

NPHIES (National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services) is a unified electronic services platform launched by the Cooperative Health Insurance Council (CCHI) and the National Center for Health Information (NHIC) and led by Sehati for Information Technology Services L.L.C.

NPHIES aims to connect all stakeholders, including service providers (government or private), third party administrators, insurance companies and patients, in the healthcare sector. It provides features such as eligibility check cycle, pre-authorization, claim submission, claim communication, payment reconciliation and payment notification, which enhance the quality of the patient experience.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to NPHIES
  • Healthcare Institutions: Things to know
  • Processes, Steps, and Timelines as per the government guidelines
  • NPHIES: Key Benefits
  • Healthcare digitization in the new age
  • Software solutions to become NPHIES compliant - An introduction to Insta - Hospital and Clinic Management Software

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Mr. Wajdy Zainaddin

Business Technology Advisor
Enterprise Technology Systems
Healthcare Industry

Mr. Wajdy Zainaddin has been working in the healthcare industry for more than 5 years. He has more than 25 years of experience in the business IT arena and holds several industry-recognized certifications, including Project Management Professional by PMI and Consultant-grade by Saudi Council of Engineers, among others.

Mr. Wajdy Zainaddin has solid first-hand contributions to healthcare businesses of providers as well as technology vendors. Wajdy has vast expertise in the implementation and operations of enterprise technology systems related to the oil and gas and healthcare industries. To name a few, Wajdy has led the successful deployment of ERP, HIMS, API interfaces and most recently NPHIES integration with Practo’s Insta HMS.