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Riayati Integration

Riayati is a digital healthcare platform for the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR) program launched to transform the current UAE healthcare landscape through the centralisation of medical records and the delivery of an innovative, fully integrated, digitised clinical information system serving the UAE population and raising the quality of their life.

Riayati Integration is Created by:

  • The UAE MoHAP
  • Department of Health Abu Dhabi
  • Emirates Health Services
  • Dubai Health Authority

Services offered by Riayati:

Riayati Post Office Services:

The Post Offices services aim as a data exchange so as to connect to all the stakeholders in the healthcare sector ranging from service providers (both government and private), pharmacies, third-party administrators, insurance companies and the patients.

Riayati Health Information Exchange Services:

Riayati Health Information Exchange Services will provide the go-to national platform to the healthcare providers to enhance the continuity of care among providers and create a sustainable and efficient health system for the UAE.

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Insta HMS with Riayati Integrations

Insta HMS is in the process of testing the Riayati Health Information Exchange Services and is expected to be approved with the 1st facility in Sharjah in Dec 2021.

Insta HMS is enabled to share the following information:

  • Patient Demographic data
  • Medication list
  • Diagnosis list
  • Allergies list
  • Procedures list
  • Problem list
  • Vitals Signs
  • Clinical encounter history and notes
  • Laboratory and radiology results
  • Patient Immunization
  • Prescription Medications

Why Insta

Insta is your one-stop solution for all hospital management system (HMS) related needs. We are spearheading this initiative by being one of the companies, getting ready to tie up with Riayati Integration to help integrate the system. We will soon be having a completely secure and compliant hospital management software certified for the integrations by Riayati.

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