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Why is it important to be NABIDH compliant?

NABIDH is a health information exchange platform by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) that connects public and private healthcare facilities in Dubai to securely exchange electronic health records (EHR) and other health information.

Through NABIDH, the DHA aims to enhance the quality of healthcare services provided to its citizens and residents of Dubai. The objective of NABIDH is to ensure the seamless and secure exchange of patient health information and electronic medical records (EMR) across verticals in healthcare.

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Get started now with Insta’s NABIDH connected platform

  • Fast onboarding and connectivity to NABIDH
  • Trusted by more than 600 Healthcare brands across the world
  • End to end Insurance management
  • Optional Microsoft Azure cloud hosting
  • Specialty EMR
  • Seamless end to end Integration
  • Ground support and sales
  • Improved productivity and financial outcomes

Why Insta

Insta is your one-stop solution for all Clinic/Hospital Management system (HMS) related needs. We are spearheading this initiative by being one of the first companies to tie-up with NABIDH to help integrate the system. We have a completely secure and compliant hospital management software in accordance with the guidelines issued under NABIDH.

Upgrade to Insta and support NABIDH Integration

  1. SSO based user login to NABIDH portal.
  2. Support for multi-location HIE connectivity to NABIDH/MALAFFI across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  3. Enhancements to message sharing in HL7 format over API/HTTPS.
  4. Configure codesets or message constructs for data sharing as per NABIDH standards.
  5. Capture patient’s consent for sharing data at a facility/global level with NABIDH.
  6. Option to filter messages by patient consent, patient status, encounter, department or physician.
  7. Share vaccination details as HL7-VXU messages.
  8. Share PDF format of clinical documents as HL7-MDM messages.
  9. Share a standard set of patient-allergy details.

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